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Allied Business - CVBU deals in co-branding of Oils & Lubricants and other products which help in enhancing the performance of TATA Motors' vehicles. It also ensures recommended tools & equipments to be used in the service workshops. This helps to benefit our esteemed customers thereby providing them with genuine quality of products for regular vehicle maintenance at reasonable prices through our channel partners.

Co-branding of oils & lubes with oil marketing companies is one of the major co-branding initiatives. in line with company's policy to provide choice to our customers, co-branding of engine oils has been done with following companies:

  1. Castrol
  2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd
  3. Shell

For Specialty Products, co-branding agreements are with following Oil Marketing Companies:

  1. Castrol
  2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd
  3. Shell
  4. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
  5. ExxonMobil

Co-branding agreements are also with major garage equipment manufacturing companies. This helps in providing genuine equipments & tools at reasonable & pre-defined prices to our channel partners which helps in faster turn-around time of vehicles & improves the workshop productivity leading to better profitability. It also ensures that our customers get best quality of service in our workshops.

A few other co-branded value added products offered to our customers are for Engine flushing, Cooling system cleaning, Fuel Injection system flushing & Fuel Induction and other assembly repairing.

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