ITI Training Facility

With the growth of automobile population in Indian market, there has been a surge in demand of skilled mechanics across automobile industry. This demand has overtaken supply and created shortage. Due to this shortage, workshops are unable to function at the best of their potential and efficiency.

Keeping this in view, an ITI up-gradation scheme has been launched under which the up-gradation of 1396 Government Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) is envisaged through Public Private Partnership (PPP). The MOU shall be signed between Three Parties for each ITI between Director General, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Secretary/ Principal Secretary-State/ UT and Tata Motors.

Tata Motors intends to Innovate & Upgrade the ITI by training the ITI faculty through our Train The Trainer programme at STCs at plant location, introducing quality components in skills delivery by providing on-the-job training and forming training panels comprising of experts/ specialists from our channel partners to give inputs on specific subjects.


  • Enhancing employability of workforce.
  • Creation of pool of workers for auto industry.
  • Recruitments of ITI students in Tata Dealership/TASS.
  • Training to ITI faculty on latest technology.
  • Impart technical skills and latest technology trends to the students.

Up gradation of ITI Objectives

  • To ensure a steady flow of trained manpower to our Dealerships and TASS & the Auto Industry as well.
  • To generate employment for the youth.
  • To upgrade the skills of students.

Courses Adopted by TML

  • Motor Mechanic Vehicle
  • Diesel Mechanic Trade
  • Fitter
  • Auto Electrician
  • Denting & Painting
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Courses in Focus

  • The main focus on courses adopted is on Diesel Mechanic Trade (DMT) and Motor Mechanic Vehicle (MMV) trade.
  • The MMV trade course is a 2 year course.
  • The DMT course is a 1 year course.
  • The ideal batch size is 16-20 students per batch.
  • 84x60 (5040) students are expected to be industry ready by the end of two years.

TML Contribution

  • Up-gradation of Infrastructure.
  • Training Facilities in terms of Aggregates, Cut-Sections, Wall-charts, Course material etc.
  • Value Addition to the Curriculum.
  • Training of the students in Dealer & TASS Workshops.
  • Soft Skills Enhancement.
  • E-Learning.
  • Placements within our various Dealerships and TASS.

Contribution of the ITI

  • Funds for infrastructure development
  • Government Clearances
  • Facilitation for Training





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