Tata Kavach

TATA Kavach - Compensation to customers on account of delayed delivery for accidental vehicles.

In order to gain the customer confidence, by having a shortest possible uptime of vehicles which come in for accident repair at the dealers / Tata authorized service stations, Tata Motors offers a delay based compensation under the Tata Kavach – Quick Accident Repair scheme.**

This offer of accidental repair promise time is for the following models used for civil application and which are insured under TATA Motors insurance, at selected workshops. These include:

  • 4 - 49 ton cargo vehicles
  • ACE
  • IRIS
  • ZIP

The offer is valid for the calls routed and registered through Tata Motors Insurance toll free number 1800 266 0278.

Commencement of repair time of the vehicle will start only after the final approval from the insurance company and written approval from the customer.

This program is for accidental repairs with assurance of 15 days repair time or else compensation of INR 2000 / day is paid to customers account on delayed delivery of accidental vehicles. It is applicable for vehicles that are insured under TATA MOTORS Insurance at selected workshops only.

**Terms and Conditions apply

For further details pls contact 1800 209 7979

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