TATA Alert - Road Side Assistance

Road side assistance programme with assurance of problem resolution within 24 hrs for all TATA MOTORS COMMERCIAL VEHICLE MODELS under warranty period, anywhere across the country irrespective of the location. Acknowledgement time of 30 minutes and reach time of 2 hours from 6 AM to 10 PM and upto 4hrs from 10 PM to 6 AM , else compensation paid upto INR 1000 / day. Program applicable for vehicles under Warranty period. (T&C applicable).


* For vehicles stranded for more than 24 hours (T&C apply)

Offers for the Customer

  • Restoration of Vehicles within 24 Hours covering with all National Highways, SH and GQ EW-NS (2.47 lacs kms coverage).
  • Reach time within 4 Hours i. e. reaching at the breakdown site on receipt of Customers Call.
  • If Vehicle not delivered in 24 hours, Rs. 1000/- paid for each day delay after 48 Hrs. (Prorata basis) as compensation.
  • Compensation paid in the form of Coupons. It can be exchanged for the purchase of Parts and Prolife at any of our authorized channel partner.
  • For Paid Repair Customer has to pay estimated cost of repair to TML.
  • If vehicle is drivable, it will not be covered under this scheme.
  • Load transfer and towing facility available on Customer's cost.
  • For the vehicles beyond Warranty norms, Customer will be charged deputation charge of Rs. 1500/- over and above the repair charges. This offer will not be applicable if the customer does not agree to pay the charges.
  • The decision of usage of Prolife/ Float unit lies with TML. In the event the customer not agreeing for not using Prolife /float aggregates this offer will not be applicable.
  • Tyres, Batteries, Bulbs not to be covered.
  • Accidental vehicles are not covered.
  • Ancillary repairs are excluded from this job due to third party involvement.

Note: TML will be responsible for attending to vehicle on road with specified terms & conditions and with no other liabilities.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Models Covered

    MHCV Trucks

    • 1613TC-LPT
    • 1613TC-SE
    • 1613TC-SFC
    • 1613-LPT
    • 1613-SE
    • 1613-LPT
    • 1613-SFC
    • 1615-LPT
    • 1615-SFC
    • 1615TC-LPT
    • 1616-LPT
    • 1616-SFC
    • 1618-LPT
    • 2518-LPT
    • 2518TC-LPT
    • 2518TC-LPT-6X4
    • 3118TC-LPT
    • 3723TC-LPT-10X2
    • 3723TC-LPT-10X4
    • 3718TC-LPT 10x2
    • 3518TC-LPS
    • 4018TC-LPS
    • 4923TC-LPS-6X4
    • PRIMA-4028S
    • PRIMA-4928S
    • PRIMA-LX-4023S
    • PRIMA-LX-4028S
    • PRIMA-LX-4923S
    • PRIMA-LX-4928S

    ICV Trucks

    • 812 Ultra
    • 909-LPT BS IV
    • 909-SFC
    • 912-ULTRA
    • 1109-LPT
    • 1109-LPT-CRDI BS IV

    MCV Buses

    Applicable for Buses plying in states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu under Intercity & Mofussil

    • 1512-LP/LPO BSIV
    • 1512TC-LP/LPO
    • 1612TC-LP/LPO
    • 1612TC-LPO
    • 1618TC-LP/LPO BS IV


  • If vehicle is drivable, it will not be covered under this scheme.
  • All warranty vehicles plying on GQ/ N-S ; E-W Corridor and all NHs, SH's as per declared Vehicle Models are covered under this scheme.
  • Vehicles beyond warranty are covered in scheme.
  • Repair monitoring time shall commence only after the vehicle is made available by customer to response team.
  • Towing/ Load Transfer Assistance shall be provided at customer's cost and shall be at the sole discretion of the customer.
  • Tyres, Batteries and Bulbs not to be covered.
  • Accidental vehicles are not covered.