Fleet Management

Most of the State Transport Units and large fleet operators now require comprehensive AMC for their fleet. Tata Motors CVBU has become a pioneer by providing a comprehensive maintenance contract for a period of 12 years and 7.5 Lacs Kms to approximately 2800 buses of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU).

Tata Motors Limited has entered into an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with Delhi Transport corporation (DTC) for their fleet of about 2682 low floor buses (including A/C and Non A/C Variant) spread across 20 different geographical locations within Delhi. In addition to DTC Delhi, Tata Motors is maintaining a fleet of 100 buses for Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) travelling 5.5 Lacs Km Daily. We have been in fleet management operation from more than five years now.

Tata Motors fleet management services were well appreciated by all national and international athletes, media and dignitaries during 2010 Common Wealth Games in Delhi. Tata Motors is having a strong and dedicated team of employees which delivers 24x7 best services to ensure vehicle availability to the customers. Team of experts having excellent exposure to fleet management service are deployed for maintaining day to day service operations, which eventually improves the profitability and product life cycle. TML Service team is delivering an up time of over 95% consistently for last over 5 years. Today around 42 Lacs Passengers per day utilize the services of buses in Delhi.

Primary Objective of Fleet Management is to remove or minimise the risks associated with vehicle maintenance, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and staff costs for fleet operators.

Benefits of Fleet Management to Customers:

  • Beneficial in terms of cost saving to fleet operators
  • High uptime. Lower Mean Time to Repair
  • Lesser breakdowns due to better preventive maintenance
  • Improved mean time between failure
  • Improved product (Vehicle) life cycle


  • Tata Motors LP1613/42 - BSIV Bus LP1613/42 - BSIV
  • Tata Motors presents LP1613/42 - BSIV LP1613/42 - BSIV
  • LP1613/42 - BSIV from Tata Motors LP1613/42 - BSIV
  • Tata Motors LP1613/42 - BSIV LP1613/42 - BSIV

available with STU

  • LP/LPO 1512 BSIV
  • LP/LPO 1613 BSIV
  • LPO 1623 RELE BSIV
  • LPO 1621 FE AC AT
  • LPO 1613 CNG BSIV
  • LP 912 BSIV
  • LPO 7.5T 3L BSIV
  • LPO 9.6T 24 V AC 3L BSIV
  • LPO 9.6T 24 Non AC 3L BSIV.