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Driver Training Institutes (DTI)

Driver is one of the most influential person in framing a positive opinion of the vehicle. Driver also ensures safety and security of public at large and plays a vital role in economical running of the vehicle.

Driver Training Institutes:

Keeping this in mind, Driver Training Institutes are of strategic importance. In partnership with State Governments & the Ministry of Surface Transport, Tata Motors has envisaged setting up Driver Training Institutes under the Public-Private partnership module. These institutes work as a one stop shop for training that covers theoretical and practical training and issues Learners Driving License to the participants. These institutes also provide training in different trades for skill development. Drivers are trained on LMVs, HMVs, Tippers, Construction equipment vehicles. This initiative will also enhance employment generation in the region and promote road safety.


  • Equipped with a Driving track that has all real time driving terrain features.
  • Dual control vehicles.
  • Training on technical trades such as auto mechanics, welding, painting, electrical, electronics, etc.
  • Affiliation with N.C.T.V.T.


  • Enhancing driving skills of drivers.
  • Creation of pool of trained drivers for auto industry.
  • Developing right attitude for safe driving and road safety.
  • Build positive image for company products.

Tata Motors has set up such institutes in Punjab and Bangladesh.
Similar Institutes are being set up in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Assam, Nagaland and Sri Lanka.


Industrial Training Institutions (ITI)

With the growth of automobile population in Indian market, there has been a surge in demand of skilled mechanics across the automobile industry. This demand has overtaken supply and created shortage. Due to this shortage, workshops are unable to function at the best of their potential and efficiency.

Keeping this in view, an ITI up-gradation scheme has been launched under which the up-gradation of 1396 Government Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) is envisaged through Public Private Partnership (PPP). The MOU shall be signed between Three Parties for each ITI between Director General, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Secretary/ Principal Secretary-State/ UT and Tata Motors.

Tata Motors intends to Innovate & Upgrade the ITI by training the ITI faculty through our Train The Trainer programme at STCs at plant locations, introducing quality components in skills delivery by providing on-the-job training and forming training panels comprising of experts/specialists from our channel partners to give inputs on specific subjects.


  • Enhancing employability of workforce.
  • Creation of pool of workers for auto industry.
  • Recruitments of ITI students in Tata Dealership/TASS.
  • Training to ITI faculty on latest technology.
  • Impart technical skills and latest technology trends to the students.

Up gradation of ITI Objectives

  • To ensure a steady flow of trained manpower to our Dealerships and TASS & the Auto Industry as well.
  • To generate employment for the youth.
  • To upgrade the skills of students.

Courses Adopted by TML

  • Motor Mechanic Vehicle
  • Diesel Mechanic Trade
  • Fitter
  • Auto Electrician
  • Denting & Painting
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Courses in Focus

  • The main focus on courses adopted is on Diesel Mechanic Trade (DMT) and Motor Mechanic Vehicle (MMV) trade.
  • The MMV trade course is a 2 year course.
  • The DMT course is a 1 year course.
  • The ideal batch size is 16-20 students per batch.
  • 84x60 (5040) students are expected to be industry ready by the end of two years.

TML Contribution

  • Up-gradation of Infrastructure.
  • Training Facilities in terms of Aggregates, Cut-Sections, Wall-charts, Course material etc.
  • Value Addition to the Curriculum.
  • Training of the students in Dealer & TASS Workshops.
  • Soft Skills Enhancement.
  • E-Learning.
  • Placements within our various Dealerships and TASS.

Contribution of the I.T.I

  • Funds for infrastructure development
  • Government Clearances
  • Facilitation for Training

Region-East ITI Haldia

Region-East ITI Haldia

Region-West ITI MUL

Region-South ITI VK Puddur & ITI Tenkasi

Free Health Check-up

The general state of health of the driver is proportional to the productivity. Keeping in mind the well-being of the drivers, free check-ups are offered from time to time during campaigns and meets in major transport hubs.

These check-ups are absolutely free for drivers and mechanics. It covers various vital health measures such as weight, BMI, heart rate, blood pressure, vision etc. General physicians, ENT specialists and ophthalmologists render their service at these camps. Other activities include distribution of health kits for personal hygiene, pamphlets with guidelines for healthy living & driving and street plays to demonstrate importance of health and hygiene are also undertaken.

What is Green

  • Tata Motors Customer Support team has set itself the task to make the channel partners achieve sustainable, profitable growth that is in line with Tata Motors' own sustainability objective. Tata Motors Ltd has made leaps and strides towards adopting eco-friendly green technology to reduce the resource consumption meanwhile increasing the workshop profitability.
  • The Green Drive was launched to create a set of world class workshops which thrived on.
  • Principles of efficiency and sustainability. From aligning the processes in the workshop with the aid of ISO 9001:2008 certification to use of standardized equipments Tata Motors has ensured that the workshop get the infrastructure and basics of the Green Drive movement.
  • The focus was on 6 key areas of conservation -
  • Tree Plantation
  • Fuel management
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Energy management
  • Paper management
  • To aid the workshop in achieving their targets, Tata motors launched the Green Book to act as the bible in achieving their goals. The book emphasised the principles of "reduce, reuse and recycle" to create resource-efficient business practices and to minimize carbon footprint.
  • The Green News Flash circulated weekly from the head quarters keep the service engineers abreast with the latest developments through disbursing facts and figures and knowledge sharing across the regions. 56 workshops pan India have now been elevated to the status of "Advanced Green Workshop".
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Udaan Scheme

Tata Motors becomes the first automobile company to sign an MoU with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), under PM's Udaan Scheme, through "Tata Motors Certified Works Manager" programme. The MoU was signed to explore training and employment opportunities for graduates, post-graduates, 3 year engineering diploma holders and professional degree holders of Jammu & Kashmir, through a collaborative action oriented agenda.

Recruiting fresh graduates from engineering colleges of Jammu & Kashmir, Tata Motors Certified Works Manager Scheme will provide skilled youth with employment opportunities across Tata Authorised Service Stations (TASS). Trained by Tata Motors for 6 months at NITTR Bhopal / Amity Noida and at Tata Motors STC (Service Training Centres), these graduates are then placed at Tata Motors dealerships as Assistant Works Managers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sanjeev Garg, Global Head - Customer Care of Tata Motors said, "The move to collaborate with NSDC under the Udaan scheme is to create employment opportunities for the educated youth of J&K by providing them with skillful practical knowledge of vehicle operations and service. The scheme also enables us to plug in this skilled knowledgeable set of trained youth, into our vast and growing commercial vehicle network, helping us sustain our service levels"

Mr. Dilip Chenoy, CEO & MD, NSDC said, "We are delighted to work with Tata Motors in ensuring that the NSDC's aim of contributing significantly (about 30 per cent) to the overall target of skilling and up skilling 500 million people in India by 2022. The Udaan programme is one of the premier programs in the country that focuses on equitable opportunities for the youth of J&K, through a well-structured skill development program. Tata Motors Certified Works Manager scheme promises to provide employment to thousands of youth in J&K."

Udaan is a special Industry Initiative for J&K envisaged as an industry led programme, wherein corporates will tap into the large pool of educated youth of J&K and provide them training to make them employment ready. Udaan, an initiative of the Prime Minister has mandated NSDC to work with the corporate sector in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, benefiting about forty thousand graduates, post-graduates, 3 year engineering diploma holders and professional degree holders, over five years.

NSDC has 33 corporates enrolled under this scheme. They have corporates like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Yes Bank, Apollo Tyres, Future Group and Bajaj Allianz partnering with them on this program. In the Tata Group TCS and CMC are Training Partners to NSDC under their Skill Development Mission.