State Transport Units

Tata Motors plays major role in State Transport Undertakings. There are more than 150000 vehicles running in STUs out of which 60000+ population is of Tata vehicles. STU buses are operated in City, Intercity, Mofussil, Hilly routes. Some of the buses are operated under Municipal Corporations. Overall availability of vehicles in STUs is 90% as per CIRT data.

It is our responsibility to support the public Transport undertakings to provide required technical support in terms of trainings, demonstration of maintenance practices and new features on the vehicles and Adherence to the maintenance schedules. Timely support from Tata Motors has enhanced the technical skill of the technicians of the undertakings in order to make the fleet available for operations.

Performance Financial year 2016-17

We have done customer Centric Activity in major STUs as well as undertakings of Municipal Corporations.

  • 60000 + buses in STUs and Municipal corporations Undertakings.
  • Buses Present in 70+ STU and Municipal corporations undertakings.
  • 165+ technical training conducted and more than 4100 persons trained.
  • More than 100 service campaign conducted and 1700 buses checked and demonstration given on best maintenance practices.
  • 20 customer engagement programme conducted and 570 officials were attended the meet.

Financial year 2016-17 Performance Overview

Technical Support Provided to STU

  • Plant visits to Senior Officials, Works Managers and Technicians to upgrade the technical skill as well as know the different manufacturing process and facilities available for manufacturing of buses.
  • Various issues discussed during plant visits as well as during video conferencing in order to have immediate solutions to the problems.
  • Customer Engagement Programmes and Technical Seminars conducted for General Managers, Managing Directors and Executives to increase the interactions and to brief the support rendered to STU.
  • Demonstrations of good maintenance practices in STU depots and workshops. Service campaign conducted in the depots and maintenance demonstrated to the depot and divisional workshop team.
  • Plant Training to STU officials, supervisors and technical staff of STU workshop and depots.
  • Technical literature in the form of workshop manuals, operator service book provided.
  • Practical demonstration of special tools, vehicle diagnostics through special tools.
  • Demonstration of E catalogue for the spare parts team at depot, divisional workshop and central workshop team.
  • BSIV technical training programme started in most of the STUs. Body building awareness, dos and don'ts programme conducted especially at STU body building units.
  • Special safety programme conducted for the electricians on bus safety, dos and don'ts on electricals.

Tata Motors Customer Support team is working closely with STU team in order to achieve better results in terms of availability of buses and reduce en-route breakdowns. In order to upgrade the skill of technicians and timely maintenance of buses, various activities has been arranged in STU depots and workshops.

Campaigns and trainings for STUs

  • Technical Training - To depots, divisional workshops, regional workshops and Central workshops, STU body building units.
  • Driver Training - Conducted at the STU depots for drivers highlighting the features, dos and don'ts, tips to improve mileage etc. We have also involved our DRONA trained driver and demonstrated the KMPL performance.
  • Service Campaign - Demonstration of best maintenance practices, aggregate overhauling etc. along with dos and don'ts. Good maintenance habits demonstrated during service campaign and buses inspected in the depots as well as divisional workshop level as per prescribed schedule in operator service book.
  • Customer Meets/ Customer Engagement Programs (CEP) - Groups of people from the depots / Divisional workshop/ Regional workshop/ Central workshop participate in these meets. This serves as a platform for disseminating knowledge and collecting valuable feedback on products and services.

Customer Engagement Programme

Plant visit for the STU officials

Technical Skill Development Programme in STU

Training on Electrical Safety dos and don'ts to Electrical Team