Allied Business

Allied Business - CVBU now brings the genuine oil for their own commercial vehicles. It deals in co-branding of Oils & Lubricants with only Exxon and Valvoline presently. It also ensures recommended tools & equipment’s to be used in the service workshops. This helps to benefit our esteemed customers thereby providing them with genuine quality of products for regular vehicle maintenance at reasonable prices through our channel partners.

TATA Motors Genuine Oil

A Genuine Oil from the house of TATAs.

It has always been the TATA Motors endeavor to provide the best to its customers, whether it's vehicles, services or spare-parts.

In line with this policy TATA Motors launched TATA Motors Genuine Oil in January 2018. The oil has been made available to TATA Motors customers throughout the length and breadth of the country through its authorized Dealers and TATA Authorized Service Stations.

TATA Motors Genuine Oil is backed by the trust and technology of TATA Motors as it is specially formulated for TATA Motors' commercial range of vehicles. It offers superior quality and performance, provides enhanced protection against wear and tear, better thermal and oxidation stability, thus providing enhanced aggregate life at an affordable price.

TATA Motors is now bringing this genuine oil even closer to the customers by launching it in the retail market segment through retail distributors like you.

TATA Motors Genuine Oil is available in 5 types:

  • Diesel Engine Oil CI4+ 15W40
  • Diesel Engine Oil CH4 15W40
  • Gear Oil 80W90LL
  • Rear Axle Oil 80W140LL
  • Gas Engine Oil CI4+ 15W40

The oils would be available in pack sizes of 1 litre, 3 litres, 5 litres, 7.5 litres, 10 litres, 15 litres and 20 litres.

TATA Motors Genuine Oil will be made available to the market through its strong distributor network and is further endorsed by TATA Guru's mechanics. So provide and reach the TATA Motors Genuine Oil to all your customers because, its TATA, it's trustworthy.

Co-branding Initiatives For Specialty Products

For Specialty Products, co-branding agreements are with following Oil Marketing Companies:

Co-branding agreements are also with major garage equipment manufacturing companies. This helps in providing genuine equipments & tools at reasonable & pre-defined prices to our channel partners which helps in faster turn-around time of vehicles & improves the workshop productivity leading to better profitability. It also ensures that our customers get best quality of service in our workshops.

A few other co-branded value added products offered to our customers are for Engine flushing, Cooling system cleaning, Fuel Injection system flushing & Fuel Induction and other assembly repairing.

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Workshop Equipment
Workshop Equipment
Workshop Equipment
Water Treatment and Rain Water Harvesting Equipment
Pneumatic Tools for Body and Paint Shop
Workshop Equipment and Other Electronic Equipment
Workshop Equipment
Workshop Equipment
Workshop Equipment (TruckCam Wheel Aligners)
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