Sikand Standly Enterprises Pvt Ltd.


Sikand Standley Ent. Pvt. Ltd. is India's exclusive distributor for BG Products Inc., USA, which is the world leader in the manufacture of a broad line of professional automotive chemicals and conditioners. These products are administered using BG's patented service machinery.

All BG products conform to ASTM standards, and the company is ISO 9002 certified.

BG products are recommended for professional use in service stations, and are sold and used by dealers' service centers in over 100 countries-worldwide.

Sikand Standley is a Private Limited Company formed in 2002 primarily with a view to importing and distributing BG Products in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan where we have the exclusive distribution rights.

Because of the superior performance enjoyed by workshop and vehicle owners when using BG products, in a short period of time the BG brand was the talk in workshops throughout India.

With pride we state that BG Products chemistry, conditioners, aerosols, tools and equipments have been awarded approvals from different OEM's.

Product Description

These Products will provide tangible, measurable and immediate drivability benefits and reduce operating costs for vehicle owners/operators.

BG 105-Quick Clean

BG Quick Clean restores power and performance to your engine by rapidly and effectively removing accumulated deposits that form on ring lands, hydraulic lifters, rocker arms and other critical engine parts. Add BG Quick Clean to the oil, then run engine for 10-15 minutes. When the old oil is drained, contaminants are quickly flushed away. For continuous cleaning, add BG Quick Clean between oil changes. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program.

BG 206-Air Intake System Cleaner

BG Air Intake System Cleaner is an extremely effective solvent/degreaser formulation that quickly removes sticky, heavy deposits which accumulate in the air throttle body assemblies and plenums of modern, multi-port fuel injected engines.

BG 210-Fuel Injection System Cleaner,

BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner will quickly, effectively and safely clean fuel injectors and help remove upper engine deposits. This product is designed to be used with the BG 9210 tool.

BG 229-Diesel Care

BG Diesel Care is a specially formulated, highly effective cleaner which quickly and safely decarbonizes diesel fuel injection systems. It is designed for the new electronically controlled common rail systems using direct injection, as well as traditional mechanical fuel injection systems. BG Diesel Care will not harm plastic components in modern injection pumps and is compatible with catalytic converters, sensors and trap oxidizers

BG 255- Diesel ISC

  • Cleans carbon deposits in the air intake system.
  • Increases intake airflow.
  • Increases power output and responsiveness.
  • Restores fuel economy.
  • Lowers exhaust emissions.

BG 540-Universal Cooling System Cleaner

BG Cooling System Flush is a revolutionary formulation with amazingly safe and effective cleaning capabilities. It removes tough organic deposits that result from oil fouling, grease and glycol oxidation residues-yet contains no harsh chemicals. BG Cooling System Flush can be used in either gasoline or diesel engines. It is completely harmless to all cooling system components, and the cooling system does not require neutralization after flush. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program

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