Transmission Fluids

Since manual transmissions are becoming more complex there’s a need for more technologically advanced fluids to ensure aggregate longevity and vehicle reliability. Getting the right lube for your vehicle is key to ensuring your gearbox/crown wheel-pinion operates as designed and maintain optimal performance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.


Tata Motors, with over 70 years of experience in commercial vehicle domain, and being the choice of India when it comes to commercial vehicles, offers a range of transmission fluids under the umbrella of Tata Motors Genuine Oil for your Tata vehicle requirements. Specifically formulated for Tata Motors Vehicles by Tata Motors Research Centre, these long-life transmission fluids provide you the peace of mind that you are getting the right oil for your vehicle and keep your vehicle on the road longer in best possible condition.

Long-Life Gear Oil

Our 3 Long-Life Gear Oil Variants

  • TMGO GR 80W 90 LL
  • TMGO GR 75W 85
  • TMGO GR 75W 90

The key benefits include

  • Better Corrosion Protection for improved aggregate life

  • Easier Gear Shift due to minimum sludge build-up & cleaner mating parts

  • Enhanced compatibility with Seals & Gaskets to ensure maximum component life

  • Semi-synthetic oil with rust and oxidation inhibitors to prevent component failure

  • Enhanced thermal protection by maintaining viscosity even at high temperature

Long-Life Axle Oil

Our 2 Long-Life Axle Oil Variants

  • TMGO RA 80W 140 LL

The key benefits include

  • Excellent thermal stability protects against sludge/deposit formation & oil thickening- thus maintaining the life & performance mating parts

  • Excellent anti-wear & load carrying characteristics due to high lube film thickness and low contact stress-extends the life of components

  • Gives better performance under extreme pressure and over wide temperature range

  • Provides greater wear protection & durability compared to Monograde fluids

  • Long-life means higher drain interval and more time for business

After Sales Service

As a part of our robust and consistent after-sales service Tata Motors Genuine Oil is the right choice for our customers since it takes the best care of vehicle-aggregates through-out their life cycle thus significantly reducing the ‘total cost of ownership’.

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